SEO project and indirect advertising for Yalda company

At first, we examined different scenarios and faced two approaches of direct advertising (preferring the contractor and my colleague) and indirect (my preference) and after several months of activity, its keywords got good conditions, for example, the word “geomembrane” ranked 9 in Google. and in order to get a better ranking, I designed a deadline and story telling and I designed the study flow in such a way that first by searching the related word “drought” with a higher word difficulty in Google, I found an article titled “drought and 7 solutions for Overcoming the crisis of water shortage in Iran” which I wrote on the Virgool blog, are guided and after presenting 7 solutions to solve drought and water shortage, it is transferred to the article titled “Irrigation and water conservation during drought” and then with different types of He gets acquainted with the agricultural water storage pool and from there he is directed to the blog titled “Why Geomembrane Pool” and in this article there are 4 articles with the titles “9 uses of geomembrane in different industries” and “Why geomembrane ZarifMosavar (YALDA)?” and “9 steps In the construction of a geomembrane pool” & “Geomembrane swimming pool implementation tips” which are linked to each other on the company’s website, it leads to the product page to see additional information and finally to the contact form and contact with the company’s experts, which information Its lead monitoring can be seen until the contact with the expert (in the pictures), but after receiving detailed information from the experts, except that they were satisfied with the performance, but as a result of the google search, this made us to be promoted to the 4th rank. It should be noted that the target audience interested in this field noticed the company’s website in the middle of the blog articles, and the attractive images and motion graphics make them move to the end of the campaign. We are implementing this process in the next projects and we will tell the outcome in the future.